Whether or not you live in an area where there are SOX streetlights, how about downloading Soxtown, a free-of-charge simulation of SOX streetlights at lighting-up time created using Microsoft Excel? If you do not have Excel, there is also a version available via the free-to-download LibreOffice. The latest version as of July 2021 is version 1.4. Details are below ...

In 'Soxtown', the main road is lit with 90-watt GEC Z9454s and the side-roads are lit with 35-watt Thorn Beta 5s. Depending on the numbers you input (or accept the defaults), the first lamp will switch on some time before 'sunset' and the lamps will continue to switch on one-by-one and warm up until around some time after 'sunset' when the last lamp will switch on. I created the warm-up images using series of photos that I took of actual lamps warming up, at 20-second intervals, so you can watch as the yellow/orange light begins at the electrodes and slowly spreads along the tube in each lamp. It is possible to adjust (a) when each lamp switches on (b) how long each lamp takes to warm up, e.g. 5 minutes, 4½ minutes, etc. (c) the weather conditions: if rain is simulated, the lamps will switch on earlier.


Versions available in Excel - all free of charge

The files make use of Visual Basic macros to run the automatic timer; you may need to click the on-screen button to "Enable macros" or "Enable content".



File (.xls)

File (.xlsm)



Sep 2017

Download here (512 KB)

Download here (541 KB)

Different weather conditions are not simulated: there is only the choice of one weather type, which is fine weather.


Oct 2017

Download here (2,044 KB)

Download here (1,252 KB)

Choice of 78 simulated weather conditions


Dec 2018

Download here (2,142 KB)

Download here (1,465 KB)

Now works on 64-bit computers due to change of timer. Alternative lamp names D to f appear as well as F1 to G10.

1.4 Jan 2021
Download here (2,404 KB)
Download here (1,982 KB)
Instructions in “Notes” tab improved; some lamp labels repositioned.

There are instructions on how to use Soxtown within the file itself. Full technical information is contained in the project document here.

Note that it is only necessary to download ONE of the above files, although you can download more than one version if you wish.


Version available in LibreOffice Calc - free of charge

With grateful thanks to Travis Evans of the USA, version 1.3 of Soxtown is also available in LibreOffice Calc, a spreadsheet application similar to Excel. The LibreOffice suite is available as a free download from the following site:

Once you have LibreOffice installed on your computer, Soxtown in LibreOffice Calc format (.ods) is available here: Soxtown v1.3_libreoffice.ods (778 KB)



If you're a fan of SOX lighting, you will be pleased to know that the Soxtown council have no plans to uninstall the SOX lighting scheme as they feel it is important to have reliable street lighting that is still effective in foggy or snowy conditions without light quality being compromised ...

© Matthew Eagles 2017-2021 (Soxtown adapted for LibreOffice by Travis Evans)